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          JCU Set Up Post-doctoral Research Station

          July 18th, 2011, JCU is established Post-doctoral research station with the approval of State Personnel Board and National Post-doctoral Administrative Committee awarded. The station is the 5th established in Jiangmen city and the 1th in Jianghia district.

          Post-doctoral research station is a recruiting and training post-doctorals organization which setting up by scientific research institutions and enterprises with approval. Those companies applying for setting up the workstation must be a high-tech enterprises with certain scale with a sound level enterprise technical centers or research and development institutions and have a high level of science and technology team and strong economic and technological strength.

          JCU always adhere to scientific and technological innovation development path. Now it has two R & D centers, technology center in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province, secondary battery materials and renewable Engineering Research and Development Center, has an up to dozens of people in R & D team.

          Workstation provide a new platform for JCU development. JCU will take this opportunity to develop further.

          Add: Xinmin Industrial Zone, Lile Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China.
          Tel: +86-750-3626309 3633189 Fax: +86-750-3626202 Postcode: 529060 Email: jacky.luk@cnjcu.com
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